Monday, 28 May 2012

Teach, Do, Review

This lesson was inspired by a post I read at The lesson was a revision lesson for Y10 before their Unit 3 History exam which is heavily skills based. As students came into the room I gave them sheets (differentiated 3 ways) and asked them to jot down everything they could remember about the 6 question types and how to answer them. After taking feedback I asked the students to move to a station Teach do or review. If students moved to the teach table for a particular question they would be taught the basics of how to answer that type of question.
If students moved to the do table, they would be practiscing their learning by looking at an exam question and planning their response using a laminated planning grid. Students would move to the review table if they were confident on the topic and answered a sample exam question. Students had the freedom at any point to move to either table if they got stuck or were ready to move on. Other than the students at the teach table, the rule was 'ask three before me' to encourage collaboration and enable me to target support specifically where I needed it.
Loved teaching this lesson and the feedback from the students was very positive, big smiles all round!

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